WW1 Battlefield Trip to Flanders, Ypres and the Somme

Mohammed Karim

09 February 2018

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WW1 Battlefield Trip to Flanders, Ypres and the Somme

Two Ninestiles students won a competition run by Mr Chew to attend a WW1 Battlefield Tour. The two successful students, Fawaz Yaqoob and Humaira Shaheen both produced exceptional pieces of work, ranging from a letter sent home from the trenches by a soldier, and a poem about what life was like during the Great War. Both students have written a few lines about their experiences,


“In my opinion, the WW1 Battlefields Trip had a lot of importance as you could see with your own eyes what the soldiers of WW1 went through for their country. I learned how fatal the war was on soldiers and their families and just how gruesome the war actually was. When I visited Thiepval I saw how many soldiers hadn’t been found, let alone fought in the war. After this trip, my knowledge of WW1 has improved immensely and now I can relate to what the soldiers experienced”.
Fawaz Yaqoob – Year 9 – E-MH


“From the early hours of Friday 2nd December until late on Monday 5th February myself, Fawaz and Mr Chew visited the Battlefields of France and Belgium. When we visited the graves the impact on me was huge, seeing the different countries that fought, and the amount of lives that were lost made me feel melancholy. When we saw the crosses, it showed the immensity of the war, families torn apart and the extent of soldiers and civilian lives lost. Overall, it is important that we still remember, over 100 years later the peoples whose lives were lost”.
Humaira Shaheen – Year 8 – W-MD