Christmas Food Bank

We are aware that there are communities across Birmingham whose families are facing difficult times, and for whom paying the bills and putting food on the table can be a real struggle.  We are looking into how we can support any of our families who are struggling in the coming year and we will provide more information when this support has been arranged.  In the meantime, staff have been donating items for a Christmas food bank to offer families some support during the festive period and the new year while school is closed. If your family would benefit from a food parcel, please contact the school and put your child’s name forward.  We will arrange for them to take a parcel home discretely next week, or provide for parents to collect a parcel from school. All students will be told about this during tutor time from Wednesday 11th December, and will be able to talk discretely with their tutor to put their name forward. Please support your child if they do ask school for this help. Wishing you all a safe and pleasant Christmas break. 

The Safeguarding Team