Letter from Trust re possible reopening of schools

May 13 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you all remain well during this difficult time.


You will be aware of the recent government announcements and information around the possible return of
some students to school and college from 1st June.


The government has published particular information for parents and carers to explain why and how they
have reached these decisions.


In particular, the guidance refers to this scientific advice:


 there is high scientific confidence that children of all ages have less severe symptoms than adults if they
contract coronavirus and there is moderately high scientific confidence that younger children are less
likely to become unwell if infected with coronavirus


 limiting the numbers of children going back to school and college initially then gradually increasing
numbers, guided by scientific advice, reduces risk of increasing the rate of transmission


 schools and other settings can make changes to how they are organised and put measures in place to
reduce risks Specifically, the government has asked:


 secondary schools, sixth form, and further education colleges to begin some face to face support with
Year 10 and 12 pupils, although we do not expect these pupils to return on a full-time basis at this stage


We do not expect Years 7-9 to return to school before September and will continue to provide work
for students to complete at home.


Summit Learning academies will always place the safety of our children, young people and staff first. In light
of the government advice and guidance we have started planning to welcome back Year 10 and Year 12
students to school from 1st June, in a reduced and modified way. Your school/college will send out more
detailed information by the end of next week, so that we are able to reference the most up to date
government advice.


I also need to make some important points.


1. Neither I, nor your child’s school leaders can guarantee that we will be able to ensure that young
people socially distance in or on the way to school or college. We will do our best to modify our
classrooms and our practice to reduce the risk as far as possible and we’ll let you know how we will
do this before the 1st June.


2. Our ability to open schools to more students, and the way in which we do this, is dependent on us
having enough suitably trained, fit and well staff available to teach and work with students.


3. It is very unlikely that students, if they come into school from 1st June, will follow their usual timetable
or cover all the usual subjects that they learn. And they will not be in school or college full-time.


4. Summit Academies will not be penalising parents who choose to keep their children at home this
term, if you believe this is the safest course of action. But we would encourage you to send your
young people into school/college, so that they do not fall too far behind in their studies.

We look forward to your support, and to seeing as many Year 10 and 12 students back in our academies in

We have missed them!


All best wishes,

Catherine Anwar
Summit Learning Trust