Police and schools letter – Summer 2020


Dear Parents/Carers and Students




The summer holiday is fast approaching, and it is important our students are reminded what we, as a school community, expect of them in terms of behaviour while they are enjoying the break. We also want to ensure they feel confident to keep themselves safe and away from crime and anti-social behaviour.


Parents/carers and students should already be aware that as part of our safeguarding arrangements, the school has a two-way information sharing agreement in place with West Midlands Police, and we are active members of the local Police & Schools Panel. This joint-approach helps us to intervene early to safeguard and to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour involving our students, and provide support and up-to-date safety messages.


In partnership with the police, we would like to signpost you to
Here you will find all the very latest COVID-19 guidance. We continue to thank you all for sticking to the rules and guidelines, you have all contributed to stopping the spread and we appreciate how hard the last few months have been. As some of the rules start being relaxed over the summer we still ask you to remain aware and maintain social distancing in order for us all to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus as we look to enjoy the summer break.


Here are a few other safety reminders:-


• Personal Safety: Sadly there are people out there who want what we have! We ask you to be vigilant as you enjoy your summer. Be aware of your surroundings, take care of friends and family members and keep valuables such as phones out of public view whenever possible. We recognise that more and more people are using pedal bikes, especially within our fantastic green spaces across the West Midlands. Please never leave your bikes unattended and always use a sturdy lock to secure it if you ever need to be away from it.


• Social Media: Don’t allow your use of social media to put you at risk of grooming, exploitation or regret in the future. Use social media positively and avoid being negative about anyone online as comments/actions may be traced back to you and you will be held accountable.
If you need our help we’re here for you. Ask us a question on our website or speak to us on live chat at If you don’t have access to the internet, then dial 101 for non-emergency calls, and always dial 999 in an emergency, alternatively Crimestoppers is a service available to report anonymously, you can do this by visiting their website or by calling 0800 555 111, this is not however for emergency incidents.


Also keep up to date with what’s happening in your local area, by signing up to our free community


messaging system WMNow at


We wish everyone a happy and safe summer.


Yours sincerely