Letter to Year 11 re Exam Results

20th August 2020


Dear Year 11


I’m delighted to be able to share your GCSE results with you today. These are a testament to your hard
work and perseverance over your years at Ninestiles.

There has been much confusion and many headlines concerning the results this year so I wanted to take
the opportunity to explain how your results were determined. As you know, this year’s GCSE results had to
be awarded differently from usual, after exams were unable to go ahead due to Covid-19. Schools and
colleges were asked to use their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the
grades they believed a student would have achieved had they sat their exams this year, and to submit these
centre-assessed grades (CAGs) to the relevant exam board.


Groups of teachers and leaders in each subject worked together to discuss and agree the centre-assessed
grade for each student. They took into account a wide range of available evidence, including class work,
mock exams and other records of student performance.


The intention was that the exam boards would then moderate the CAGs, to check that schools and colleges
had approached this task consistently, before providing students with their final calculated grades.
Unfortunately, as you will no doubt be aware, the method they used to do this proved problematic, and
was likely to lead to many grades being unfairly downgraded.


The government therefore made the decision that GCSE and A level students would be awarded whichever
was higher for each subject – their CAG or their calculated grade. This is what the grades you’re receiving
today are based on.


Unfortunately, for those of you who undertook BTEC qualifications, you will have seen that at the last
minute, examination boards decided not to issue those grades and will re-check them to ensure they are
consistent with other qualifications. We will issue these grades to you as soon as we receive them from the
exam board.


If you’re unhappy with any of your results, I’d encourage you in the first instance to contact school directly
where staff members are available to offer support. We will be able to discuss your concerns, and advise
you on any next steps. You may also want to talk to the sixth form or college you plan to go to. They may
well be flexible about their entry requirements.


If you want to resit any of your exams, the current plan is for a full series of exams to take place in
November. We don’t yet have full details of how this will work, but please let us know if that’s something
you’d like to discuss.


Congratulations again for everything you’ve achieved in this most difficult of years and good luck with your
next step, whether that is in further education, training or moving into the world of work!

Best wishes



Mr. Alex Hughes