Latest Government guidance on returning to school

​​COVID-19: Back to School Safely content (Autumn 2020)


​​From the beginning of September, schools in England will re-open their doors to welcome all children back to classrooms in September for the start of the school year. The #backtoschoolsafely campaign details the safety measures schools have taken to help stop the spread of viruses, like coronavirus (COVID-19) in schools and colleges as all students return in September.​​
​​The campaign encourages all to return to school as it’s crucial for children’s learning, mental wellbeing, friendships and a sense of routine. It also advises pupils and parents on how to stay alert on their journey to school.​​
​​There is a need to reassure parents and carers as they take steps to prepare to send their children back to school. The following campaign assets and guidance inform and reassure parents and carers on the measures which are being taken to minimise the risks and encourage families to send their children back to school.​​


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