Letter for parents regarding adjustments to the school day

10th September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


I hope this letter finds you well and that you are continuing to stay safe. I would like to say a huge thank you for the support you have given Ninestiles and your child in their return to school over the past week or so. It has been fantastic to welcome the new Year 7 students, who have fitted in so seamlessly, and also to welcome back our other year groups who we have missed immensely. A particular well done to the Year 11 students who have returned with a renewed work ethic and understanding of how limited their time in school now is.


Our phased return was implemented to allow us to understand the logistical challenges around the new operating procedures and ensure every student and staff member was able to carry out the new routines and hygiene processes safely. Following this successful return, and after listening to the views of parents, we are able to implement a few adjustments to the school day, which will hopefully help support those families with siblings in multiple year groups and ensure that students have as little disruption as possible to their learning experience.
Therefore, from Monday 14th September, students will follow this school day pattern:


The multiple entrances and exits have enabled us to keep year groups separate in their bubbles with a high degree of certainty and so we will continue with this system. We will also continue to allow Year 7 to leave a few minutes earlier (at 2:50pm) until Friday 18th September, at which point they should be familiar enough with their route and surroundings to leave at 3pm.
To continue to keep your children, your families and the staff at Ninestiles safe, we do need your help and cooperation on a number of matters around the start and finish of the day:


  • Please do not drive into the Leisure Centre car parks to drop your child off; this can be done on Shirley Road or Fox Hollies Road. Ensure you do not gather in large numbers around any entrance or exit to the school and that you respect social distancing measures.
  • Ensure you do not gather in large numbers around any entrance or exit to the school and that you respect social distancing measures.
  • Please do not park, drop your child off or wait on Hartfield Crescent; it becomes very congested. Instead, agree a meeting point on one of the larger roads nearby or better still, encourage your child to walk or ride a bike to school.
  • Please ensure your child is wearing a suitable coat to school and that they arrive shortly before their allotted start time. In bad weather, students may need to remain outside for a short period of time to ensure year group bubbles do not mix.


Whilst I very much hope we do not have to go into a further lockdown, we know that there is a possibility that this might be the case at some point in this academic year. In this letter, I want to share our contingency plans with you so that you and your children know exactly what to expect.

If we are informed of a positive case during a school day, our first action would be to contact our Public Health England Local Health Protection Team. We would take their advice about any required actions.


  • We know from other schools that the advice has sometimes been to send a year group home for 14 days. If this were necessary, we would send an email to all affected parents and put a notice on the website.
  • On the email, we would indicate the time of dismissal for that year group.
  • If your child cannot safely make their way home at that time, it is your responsibility to contact the school and we will then make arrangements to supervise the remaining students until the end of the day.
  • It is important that you ensure that you have access to your emails and that we have up to date contact information.
  •  In the circumstance described, the email would be sent to all email contacts listed for your child. Please do ensure that if you have changed your email address that you inform school immediately.

If your child is in the year group that had to be sent home, they would revert to online learning, similar to that which they participated in before the summer. This would be done quickly to ensure there was no loss to learning. Staff are also busy working on expanding our use of Microsoft Teams to allow a greater number of live on-line lessons to take place should the need arise.


Thank you again for your support. It is fantastic to see our Ninestiles community coming back together and to see our students back in, enjoying their learning.


Best Wishes



Alex Hughes