An update for parents – 18th September 20

An update for parents – 18th September 20

Friday 18th September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to extend a very big thank you for the way you and your children have supported the Ninestiles community in our return since the beginning of September. I have greatly appreciated the commitment that so many of you have shown in adapting to the new expectations and routines that we have introduced, to ensure we can deliver a high quality, full education to our students, whilst ensuring every member of our community, including students, families and staff, are kept as safe and healthy as possible. The success of this return has been seen in the respectful and responsible way students have responded to change which has allowed us to implement new processes very rapidly. This means we can further improve
the systems that will support you and your child.


Start times


From Monday 21st September all year groups will revert to their original start time of 8:40am. This will ensure we can deliver the vital work of our pastoral curriculum and offer the tutor support that is important to so many students.


To make this happen whilst preserving the bubbles of students within the school building:


 Year 9 will enter through the blue gate at the rear of the school and make their way to the Social Space.
 Year 8 will continue to enter through the Science area.
 All other year group meeting points, entrances and finish times remain unchanged. We’re able to make this change due to the sensible and respectful way students have started the school
day, and I hope it will help those families who have siblings both at Ninestiles and other local schools with their drop off and pick up routines. Please be reminded that students should be dropped off away from the school entrances and that parking on Hartfield Crescent should be avoided.




We have supported families by allowing students to wear their HAL kit on days when they have a HAL lesson. This will continue but to ensure we maintain our high standards and expectations, students should wear their school blazer over their HAL top. We are also seeing a number of students wearing a range of hoodies, tracksuits and other sporting apparel. We do have an official HAL kit, which is available from our uniform suppliers; if you do not have this then students should wear normal school uniform.


Positive Coronavirus Cases


You will be aware from the messages put on our website that we had positive Coronavirus cases identified over last weekend which we then acted upon first thing on Monday morning. I am greatly appreciative of the supportive manner of most parents at this pressing time. We were able to swiftly follow the guidance given by Public Health England and isolate students as necessary. Please continue to check the website regularly as we update guidance, including a helpful checklist of what to do in different circumstances. This scenario is very likely to happen again at some point and we continue to improve our online learning systems and offers to support students if they have to self-isolate. All students will have dedicated sessions over the coming week to show them how to access Microsoft Teams and to ensure they are familiar with our online learning offer.


Face Masks


The wearing of face masks is now expected in all indoor communal areas outside the classrooms. Staff are reminding students regularly and sensitively challenging those who do not have one on. Please support this by ensuring your child has packed their mask as part of their required daily equipment.


Parental Forum


Thank you to those parents who were able to join me in the first ever virtual parental forum. I was delighted to be able to meet and chat through the lockdown experience and how the return to school has worked. This immediately led to a number of actions being implemented to support students and their families, as well as some longer-term considerations. If you would like to take part in future forums, please look out for invitations from Mrs Rowlands.


Year 7 – September 2021 Applications


A quick reminder that applications to join Ninestiles Year 7 in September 2021 are now due in. The school based application form must be completed and returned to ensure a place at the upcoming intake testing. This applies to all potential students regardless of siblings in our current cohort. Thank you again for all your support; I’m always incredibly proud of Ninestiles but this challenging period has seen many members of our community come together more closely in support of our school to ensure our students receive the high quality education they deserve.


Best wishes



Alex Hughes