Letter to parents – 6th October



6th October 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


I hope this letter finds you and your families in good health. I am writing to update you on the situation in school regarding coronavirus.


To date we have had 14 positive student cases reported to the school, which has resulted in a number of our students following the Public Health England and NHS guidance to self-isolate.
Throughout this time, I have remained in constant contact with Public Health England and have discussed every case and action taken with them. I am pleased to tell you that PHE are fully
informed of the measures we have taken to minimise transmission, and fully support the actions we have taken as a school in responding to positive cases. They have reviewed with me the
measures taken to prevent transmission in school and recognise the very positive impact that this has had in keeping case numbers low.


The positive cases we have seen have not resulted in further transmission within school and the measures we have taken, including separate year group bubbles, hand sanitising stations,
increased cleaning schedules and altered classroom and corridor arrangements, have been vital in ensuring that student contacts have not become ill. I would like to thank you and your children for
following the guidelines and new processes closely. Keeping our students safe and well at this time is a partnership effort and so your continued vigilance by not sending students to school if they or
anyone else in your household have symptoms, is very much appreciated. If your child does develop symptoms, please inform the school as quickly as possible and seek a test. Once you have
the result, please inform school promptly so we can take the appropriate action to minimise any risk of further spread.


Whilst I am pleased to be able to report that our control measures have ensured a low case number and minimal spread within school, I am mindful that many of our students are having their
learning interrupted by periods of self-isolation. We are working tirelessly to ensure that online learning platforms are available and regular work is uploaded, as well as increasing the number of
live lessons that are being delivered to students. We will continue with this work to ensure we support your children fully in this difficult time.


Please also be reminded that there are many avenues of support open to families at this time through both the school and our external partners. This includes information about and links to
mental health support groups, online safety resources, local well-being support services and food banks in the local area. You can find more details on the school website on the main page and on
the safeguarding page. If you are in need of assistance, please ask for a member of staff to get in touch with you by emailing


Thank you again for your support as we tackle this pandemic together; we are completely committed to ensuring our students continue to receive their full curriculum and high quality
teaching and learning, whether that be face to face or increasingly through online platforms. I am sure that together we will emerge from this as a stronger learning community.


Yours sincerely



Alex Hughes