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Birmingham Holiday Activities Programme – Easter Holiday Provision 2021


We are pleased to outline details of the virtual Easter holidays activities 2021. School aged
children are invited to join the Birmingham Holiday Activities Programme.


The programme will be delivered virtually through a web-portal which will host a range of
activities for your child/children to take part in online or at home.


The programme will include live streams of activity and play sessions, sports coaching
sessions, downloadable resources and activity cards, arts and craft activities, food and
nutrition advice, cook at home ideas and recipes, along with activities focusing on wellbeing,
physical activity and nutrition.


To access this web-portal, you simply need to visit at the start of the
Easter holidays.


You will be asked to enter a code which is: BHAP21


This will help us track the numbers of children and young people accessing activities via the


You will also have the option to sign up to the Birmingham Holiday Activities Programme
distribution network where we will be able to share information with you about what is
being planned for the summer.


We hope you and your child/children enjoy the Easter break and the activities provided.


Kind Regards


Holiday Activities


Birmingham City Council