Head Boy:

A Special Welcome from Head Boy, Ashwin Kumar

Ninestiles isn’t just a school. It is a community. A community which believes in the core values of respect, commitment and achievement. We are a supportive community which strives to better you as a student but also as an individual. Ninestiles aims to not only academically enrich students, but to culturally enrich them and to transform them into young, respectable members of society.

At Ninestiles, we are challenged by our high pitched curriculum, which many students find helpful as it enables them to perform their level best in both lessons and examinations. We are also provided with a plethora of subjects to ensure we are offered the chance to excel in our interests. Many students find this advantageous as it allows them to advance in the subjects they are most passionate about. Furthermore, these subjects are all taught by incredible teachers, who want to get students the best grades possible.

As a rights respecting school, we work with UNICEF to ensure that pupils are provided with a safe environment in which they can thrive and better themselves in. Ninestiles, as a community, also cares for pupils’ wellbeing, which is why Student welfare is always open to aid students in their time of need.

At Ninestiles, students not only excel in academics but in extracurricular activities as well. Therefore, there are a vast variety of after school clubs, ranging from both physical and mental activities. This ensures that pupils will be given the choice to develop their skills in almost every possible aspect. Pupils are also offered chances to further their knowledge through the form of trips. During my time at Ninestiles, I have been on trips to France, Spain and Switzerland. These trips are both enjoyable and enriching, as students can learn about different cultures and gain an insight as to how their learning is implemented into reality. The opportunities to achieve both in and out of the classroom here are phenomenal.

As a community, we believe that every voice should be heard, and to ensure this we have organised many opportunities for students to express their opinions. For example, we have a suggestion box in which students can anonymously leave suggestions; pupils can become a HAL representative to help to further develop our healthy active lifestyles in school; and students can become a part of the student union to express their opinions on school as a whole. At Ninestiles we listen to opinions and act on them, this year we have developed a new break and lunch system which provides students with a much more spacious environment.

My favourite quality of Ninestiles is our unity through diversity, and I believe our fusion of nationalities, ethnicities and religions is what projects us from the rest. Through our celebration of diversity, students learn to respect themselves and the community they are part of, and therefore learn to champion the core values of respect, commitment and achievement.

All in all, whilst we achieve academically, we also enjoy our time at Ninestiles; building lasting friendships, incredible memories and being prepared to succeed in our next part of life.

Aswin Kumar, Head Boy 2019-2020

A Special Welcome from Head Girl, Arooj

Hello! My name is Arooj and I’ve just left year11. For the past 5 years my time here has been exceptional- although it’s certain you’ll experience hardships I assure you will the help of the outstanding staff there’s not a problem that can’t be solved. Ninestiles has provided me with many opportunities to further my academic growth through extracurricular activities, study sessions and an atmosphere conducive to progress. For example, for the past two years I was able to take extra language lessons after school to develop my knowledge and achieve new skills.


One factor that I believe that makes Ninestiles stand out as a whole are the astounding staff. As a shy and introverted child knowing that I was the only student from my primary attending Ninestiles, I was overwhelmed with the stress and anxiety of fitting in. Although entering a new school can be scary, it’s all part of the experience and you’ll soon discover hobbies and interests that will comfort you. Personally with the help of the welcoming staff and amiable students I was able to comfortably settle into this new environment. As I’ve now left year 11 I am extremely thankful for the past 5 years and everything I have experienced. One of the programmes offered here is the Student Union- it enables students to be able to express their views and opinions of how to improve our school. I am currently Head Girl and have also previously been a HAL representative. This has not only allowed me to speak up about my beliefs but boosted my confidence which is a real asset when you enter the real world.


Another thing to look forward to is the amazing HAL team who provide extracurricular activities which you can attend, such as: basketball, football, athletics, archery etc. As a sports addict, I was elated when I found out I could take part it out of school tournaments and competitions, I was able to be part of a community where I could express what I love and it’s something I will definitely miss now that I have left.


The combination of different cultures and backgrounds makes our school stand out from the rest. The importance of diversity allows you to open up to different perspectives about the world and also broadens your mind set enabling you to grow into ambitious young adults. And because of these advantages, Ninestiles will help you excel in your developments, academically and in your personal lives.


Being involved in such a committed and respectful community has played a big role in my journey, and I am positive it will do the same for you!


Arooj, Head Girl 2019-2020