Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Curriculum Intent

At Ninestiles we aim to produce a Health and Social Care curriculum will help students to prepare for virtually any career in any sector by equipping them with communication skills, organisational ability, and the ability to present their ideas clearly. Understanding the stages of human lifespan development and being aware of the values that underpin every role in the wide-ranging health and social care sector will enable students to successfully pursue a career in the health and social care sectors.

School Curriculum Intent

At Ninestiles our curriculum intent is to provide a curriculum that is unapologetically ambitious, securing the very best academic outcomes through the values of respect, commitment and achievement.


Our curriculum ensures that students leave Ninestiles as rights respecting global citizens with a strong sense of identity, moral purpose, and the capability to gain meaningful employment or entry into a good university.

School Vision

At Ninestiles we are an aspirational and inclusive academy that champions the values of respect, commitment and achievement. We facilitate transformational learning and exceptional progress through an inspirational, knowledge rich curriculum. We improve life chances for our students by tackling disadvantage and removing barriers to learning to ensure all students achieve their potential. Students leave our academy as self-respecting, compassionate global citizens.

Road Map