Assessment Impact

Assessment Impact

Assessment & Reporting

All students at KS3 will complete one formal assessment which is consistent across the Trust during the academic year as well as a number of knowledge/progress checks to allow for regular half termly checks. Formal assessments will test students’ knowledge of most of the work covered during the academic year. Teachers will use these assessments, together with the evidence of all the work that students have completed in class and for homework, to report back against the following: Developing – working towards the expected standard Assured – working at the expected standard Extended – working at greater depth within the expected standard Within each standard there are further sub-levels: D1, A1 and E1 – the student is working at the lower end of the standard D2, A2 and E2 – the student is working at the middle part of the standard D3, A3 and E3 – the student is working at the upper level of the standard Reporting to parents will be a minimum of three times a year. If any student is not on track to meet the expected standard, the school will work with the student and parents to provide appropriate support and intervention.

Monitoring and Review:

The Principal, Vice Principal and Curriculum Assistant Principals will review the curriculum annually and will also respond to any national changes.


Staff responsible: Principal, Vice Principal and Curriculum Assistant Principals.

Review date* 19/11/2020