Enrichment Implementation

Enrichment Implementation

Cultural Capital Curriculum

Ninestiles is extremely proud of the introduction of a programme of events that allow students to build their cultural capital whilst in school.


At both KS3 and KS4 students are taken on visits and have lectures and experiences that extend their learning outside of the classroom and build their appreciation of the country they live in. Visits are closely linked to the taught curriculum, personal development and preparing for adulthood outcomes.


Most activities are fully paid for by the school.


Aspire (PSHE Programme)

Ninestiles students undertake PSHE in the form of the schools ASPIRE programme. This is a timetabled each morning for 30 minutes apart from Tuesday.  Within these sessions students are taught the full range of PSHE requirements including sex and relationships education. The ASPIRE programme is created a year in advance and mapped out for all year groups. Staff are allocated to each topic after an audit of their skills/knowledge on particular topics. Particular attention is given to students understanding FBV – Fundamental British Values.



Ninestiles Award Programme

We have recently introduced our Ninestiles Award Programme which offers students the opportunity broaden their learning experiences.

The programme aims to:

  • embed the knowledge they have learnt in lessons
  • teach character education
  • promote their personal development
  • develop students into well-rounded members of the wider community
  • inculcate our values of Respect Commitment and Achievement


WELL-BEING (RESPECT for yourself): be pro-active in looking after your physical, mental or social well-being by attending a sports club with friends to socialise, compete against your peers (e.g. archery, girls’ football, touch rugby and many more!) or show off your skills at Rock The house Jamming sessions on Fridays after school.

VOLUNTEERING (COMMITMENT to improving your future chances):give back to your local community. Do a duty in the OLA to help others find their love of reading, support a teacher in running a club for younger students whilst developing your leadership skills or arrange to work in a local charity shop in your own time and free of charge!

SKILLS (ACHIEVEMENT to improve chances of future career goals):learn a new skill, for example develop your reading in the OLA after school, practice  your numeracy at Hegarty Maths club or learn how to do Henna art.


Work Related Learning

Work related Learning takes place across the curriculum, with different subjects and courses providing students with the opportunities and contexts in which to develop work-related

skills, knowledge and understanding. The school’s co-ordinator has mapped and recorded all programmes of work undertaken by faculties, and also any extra-curricular learning activities which contribute to the work-related learning curriculum. There is also discreet curriculum time in year 10 for students to experience work-related learning. Work-related learning is defined by us as any planned activity that uses work as a context for learning. It encompasses a broad range of activities which allow students to experience working life.

It involves learning about working practices, experiencing the work environment, developing skills for working life and learning through activities and challenges set in work-related contexts.


The aim of our work-related learning development is to enable all young people to:

  • fulfil their academic and vocational potential
  • apply their learning in a work context
  • acquire the skills, attitudes and behaviours required in the workplace, including those necessary for health and safety
  • be enterprising and to support enterprise in others
  • develop other skills, knowledge, understanding and motivation for a well-rounded and balanced adult life, contributing to the country’s economic well-being and becoming a responsible citizen in the world beyond work. Ninestiles prides itself on the quality of its numerous links with the community and with business and industry in the local area and further afield.


Support For SEND – Mainstream

In line with the SEN Code of Practice, Ninestiles has a SENCO whose responsibility it is to co-ordinate provision for mainstream students with special educational needs. The school’s SEND policy  and information report details how students’ special needs are identified and monitored with support tailored in accordance to their Code of Practice stage and specific needs.


Ninestiles recognises that there are many students without a statutory statement of SEN who also have diverse needs. All faculties have an inclusion policy which reflects our commitment in providing a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum and, in doing so, meet the needs of individual students across the ability range.