Key Stage 3 Implementation

Key Stage 3 Implementation

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum Year 7,8 & 9

Policy statement

The curriculum is devised to allow students to follow the essential core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science as well as having a broad and balanced experience of humanities and creativity subjects. The subjects will allow students the opportunity to make more informed choices during the options process. Every student has either English or Mathematics every day to build on the importance of literacy and numeracy skills so that they can have a good foundation for access to the KS4 curriculum. In addition we have targeted programmes and opportunities available to support students with underdeveloped reading skills delivered by specialist staff.

Key Stage 3 fortnightly minutes

English 420  (Year 9 490)
Literacy 70
Maths 420
Science 420
RE 140
HAL 210
MFL 210
History 140
Geography 140
Technology 140
Art 140
Dance 70
Music 70
Drama 70
Computer Science 140

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