Key Stage 4 Implementation

Key Stage 4 Implementation

The KS4 Curriculum Year 10 & 11

Ninestiles Schools’ curriculum in year 10 and 11 is concerned  with ensuring students get a “broad and balanced” choice that enables them to experience a range of subjects suited to their  future ambitions whilst also allowing students to stretch their potential in subjects not offered to them before.


All students will have 3 options choices on top of the standard core  subjects they must study. This allows students to still follow the EBACC qualification if they wish to do so or continue with subjects they have developed a passion for from the KS3 curriculum. Students can also venture into new qualifications not delivered at KS3.


For some students a range of pre GCSE qualifications are required and these are agreed and arranged on an individual and bespoke basis.


Students will follow the core subjects of Maths, English language,  English Literature and Science. They are also expected to complete the Modern foreign language they are currently studying(Spanish or Urdu) and a Humanities subject (History or Geography). Some students with a strong track record in Science at KS3 may attempt triple science which results in 3 GCSE’s (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Many 6th form colleges and Universities value this combination of qualifications.

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