Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

Towards the end of Year 9 students make choices about which subjects they will study for GCSE. In general there are three pathways and students will be guided towards which one is most suitable for them.

English-Baccalaureate Pathway

This is aimed at students who have achieved a high level in English and maths during Year 9. Students will follow the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. They are also expected to complete English language and English literature, French or Spanish (the modern foreign language they are currently studying) and a humanities subject (History or Geography).


More able students may attempt triple science resulting in 3 GCSE’s (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Many 6th form colleges and Universities value this combination of qualifications.


In addition to this core curriculum, students will also be able to choose two other options from a wide range of qualifications. If students elect to choose both history and geography, this combination is also possible within this pathway.

Technical Pathway

This is aimed at students who have a more vocational outlook. They too will follow the core subjects of Maths, English and Double Science and choose another technical option subject from GCSE Art, BTEC Health and Social care and BTEC Sport. They will not have to study a modern foreign language but will be completing GCSE Geography.


In addition, a student following this pathway will also select two other option choices from the option tables.

Personalised Pathway

For a small group of students the normal GCSE pathway would not be suitable and there will be a discussion between their parents or carers and the school provision team.  Where possible this would include English, maths and science and other subjects that the students will find invaluable such as skills that will help them towards college courses or employment.