Aim Higher - Key Stage 3
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Aim Higher – Key Stage 3

Virtual Workshop for Year 9 Students

Bringing the University Experience to Ninestiles. Working in partnership with Keble College, BCU, Aston University and Aimhigher Team.

Learning objectives for Students

  • To understand what Higher Education all is about and different pathways
  • To recognise the opportunities that university can bring for future career prospects
  • To understand the key benefits of Higher Education


We had 92% attendance, and after feedback, 80% of students viewed university as a viable option. This is especially great for disadvantaged students, so they know what they can aim for and what options are available to them.


Presentations included:

  • Case studies from existing students talking about “following your passion”
  • Virtual campus tours
  • Finding your motivation
  • Top 10 reasons to go to university
  • Linking GCSE options to future jobs and qualifications
  • Raising aspirations by giving information about the range of courses available, entry requirements and graduate opportunities.

Student Feedback when asked what have you learnt?

  • Not only white posh people go to Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Different courses available
  • Lots of support available at university
  • How you can live on campus
  • A better understanding of different degrees
  • University is not just about course work, it’s fun too.
  • Going to university increases my chances of getting my dream job
  • How you become more independent