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Careers Key Stage 4

Business Enterprise Workshop - Year 10 GCSE Business Studies

Shakur Investments delivered a presentation to Year 10 GCSE students about the realities of setting up your own business.  Abdul Shakur with 10 years as a Director in Sales & Marketing Communications, he has landed contracts with corporate brands like Pfizer, Natwest, Zoho & British Telecom.  Mutli Award-Winning Entrepreneur Featured in BBC, industry events and leading podcasts Abdul is a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship and raising private equity in Real Estate

DWP Economics Outreach - Year 10 Business Studies

DWP Economics Outreach – An interactive virtual workshop for Year 10 Business Studies students to find out why…..
  • footballers get paid more than nurses
  • Netflix give you a 30 day free trial, why?
  • Asda and Sainsbury were not allowed to merge into one company?
  • Why is the 10th slice of pizza is not as nice as the 1st?

Discussion included what Government needs to consider when building a new infrastructure project such as a bridge, railway line or hospital. Linking Curriculum to careers by finding more about apprenticeships or which subjects lead to finance and economics careers.

Year 11 Essential Employability Skills workshop

How can students turn their career ambitions into actions, right now!
Topics covered:
  • The Career Journey: discover the factors affecting the job market and how current decisions will impact future plans.
  • Essential Skills: understand the attributes sought after by top employers and recognize where these skills are developed.
  • Get ‘Career-Ready’: learn the four key areas for career development; knowledge, experience, advantage and network.
  • Improve Employability Now: crucial steps to take from today.
  • Resources were handed out to students to go away and think about what career clusters they fit into and to explore how they can develop transferable skills and apply them in the future when applying for jobs.

Fix Up  “If you want to go far you have to raise the bar”  


In November Fix Up delivered a Virtual Motivational Workshop to Year 11 students to help motivate them for GCSE exams and raise their aspirations.  The session included:

  1. Engagement – gaining an understanding about resilience during Lockdown and beyond
  2. Aspirations  –  Understanding that their life may need to change, and they have to work hard to raise their aspirations within the world of work
  3. Motivation  –  Understanding that they can aim high and achieve.  How to stay motivated!


Student Feedback

“The workshop has helped me to focus and to take Year 11 seriously”
“Really enjoyed it and will remember the strapline that to go far I have to raise the bar”

“It has made me think about what motivates me to learn and want to achieve”