The Privilege Praise Scheme

What is The Privilege Praise Scheme?

Throughout the year, we constantly strive to find opportunities to celebrate student successes.   We use this praise structure to recognise positive attitudes and behaviours in school to offer a range of praise and rewards for all students under the categories Achievement, Respect and Commitment.  Details of rewards will be shared via the school website and updated each term.

Why do we have a rewards structure?

We have the reward structure in place to encourage positive attitudes and behaviours in school. It is widely acknowledged that reward systems can positively influence an individual’s behaviour, attendance and/or punctuality record, which in turn has a positive effect on their overall academic performance. We hope all students will aspire to meet the criteria each term, thus maximizing their learning opportunities in school and achieving a positive experience or reward for their efforts.

Praise will take place in the following forms:

  • Postcards/Certificates
  • Individual Student Acknowledgment Events
  • Whole school competitions
  • Weekly Year Assemblies
  • Termly & Annual Achievement Assemblies
  • Student Leadership Awards

Tutor Praise Points

All students are expected to be in school and on time every day while respecting the school behaviour policies through positive attitudes and behaviours.

  • 100% attendance for a week (2 PRAISE POINTS)
  • No late marks for a week (2 PRAISE POINTS)
  • Correct uniform for a week (2 PRAISE POINTS)
  • Full Equipment for a week (2 PRAISE POINTS)
  • Positive Behaviour no sanctions received for a week (2 PRAISE POINTS)