Our Core Values
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Our Core Values

At Ninestiles we passionately believe in our core values of:


  • Meeting and greeting staff, students and visitors
  • Holding doors open, allowing others through
  • Making eye contact when speaking to others
  • Speaking politely and with courtesy
  • Respecting themselves by working hard
  • Demonstrating good learning behaviours
  • Wearing the correct school uniform


  • Working hard
  • Arriving on time ready, to learn
  • Having the correct equipment
  • Producing beautiful work
  • Completing class and home work
  • Asking for help


  • Working towards aspirational targets which challenge them to reach their potential
  • Celebrating their success and that of all other students
  • Earning rewards for demonstrating respect, commitment and achievement

We are an aspirational and inclusive Academy that champions the values of respect, commitment and achievement.

We facilitate great learning and exceptional progress through an inspirational, knowledge rich curriculum.

We improve life chances for our students by tackling disadvantage and removing barriers to learning to ensure all students achieve their potential. Students leave our academy as self-respecting, compassionate global citizens.