Why We Require Students To Wear Uniform

There is an expectation from communities, parents, stakeholders and students themselves that a school will require its students to wear a school uniform.

People associate school uniform, worn properly and to a high standard, as an indication that students will achieve high standards in terms of examination results and in their behaviour and engagement in and out of school.

How Do We Pick The Uniform at Ninestiles?

  • Affordability to families
  • Smart and simple
  • Sustainable – not subject to changes in fashion
  • Recognisable
  • Demonstrates our commitment to high standards, inclusion and diversity
  • Business–like and distinguishable from what students would wear for leisure in the evenings, at weekends and on a holiday

The Uniform

  • Students are to attend school no later than 08:30 ready for a prompt 08:40 start, wearing clean, perfect school uniform that meets the high standards required of all.



  • The change made this year to allow students to wear their HAL kit on days with HAL lessons will be removed from September. All students should be in perfect full school uniform every day.

Donation of School Uniform

Parents and carers, if your child has outgrown any items of uniform, we would be very grateful if you could donate them to school so we can support other families.  We’d be particularly grateful for blazers, ties, skirts and HAL uniform.  Please drop these items into Reception if you can spare them.


Thank you for your support.