Why We Require Students To Wear Uniform

There is an expectation from communities, parents, stakeholders and students themselves that a school will require its students to wear a school uniform.


People associate school uniform, worn properly and to a high standard, as an indication that students will achieve high standards in terms of examination results and in their behaviour and engagement in and out of school.

How Do We Pick The Uniform at Ninestiles?

  • Affordability to families
  • Smart and simple
  • Sustainable – not subject to changes in fashion
  • Recognisable
  • Demonstrates our commitment to high standards, inclusion and diversity
  • Business–like and distinguishable from what students would wear for leisure in the evenings, at weekends and on a holiday

The Uniform

Acceptable Uniform

  • Black trousers
  • A black Ninestiles skirt
  • A Ninestiles blazer worn with a white shirt and tie. Students may also wear a plain black v neck jumper along with the blazer, shirt and tie
  • Black shoes
  • A plain black hijab or shalwar kameez

Acceptable P.E Related Uniform

  • A Ninestiles navy blue sports shirt.
  • A pair of navy blue Ninestiles sports trousers with, two styles are available
  • Optionally a navy blue Ninestiles hooded top
  • Optionally navy blue shorts instead of the navy blue Ninestiles sports trousers
  • Socks can be any colour if worn with the Ninestiles sports trousers. If shorts are worn, the socks must be navy blue. A change of socks must be provided

Unacceptable Uniform

  • Jeans, leggings, drainpipes
  • Any skirt other than the black Ninestiles skirt
  • Trainers, pumps or other footwear with logos. Boots may be worn to school in severe weather but must be left in lockers and black shoes must be worn during the school day

Unacceptable P.E Related Uniform

  • Jewellery, all jewellery must be removed
  • Long hair must be tied back. It is the student’s responsibility to provide a hair accessory.


Uniform Suppliers

Jewellery, Accessories And Makeup

In keeping with the simple business–like approach, the following rules apply

  • Belts are to be plain black and discreet
  • One pair of small earrings (studs or plain small sleepers) – one earring in each ear, may be worn, if desired. No other visible piercings are allowed
  • One ring may be worn and one chain/necklace may be worn. Chains and necklaces should be worn under the shirt or polo shirt
  • Hair should be sensibly styled with no extreme designs or bright unnatural colours
  • Make up should not be worn in Years 7, 8 and 9
  • In Years 10 and 11, very subtle make up is permitted. Black eyeliner and deep colours on eyes, cheeks or lips are not allowed
  • Self-tan and false eyelashes are not appropriate for school